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About me

  • Senior Engineer at
  • Twitter: @davereid
  • IRC: davereid
  • Maintain almost 2% of contrib modules
    • Pathauto, Media, Redirect, Token, etc.
  • Core subsystem maintainer
  • Nebraska (American) football fan
  • Two adorable cats
  • Will be a new dad this October

The Media Initiative

Officially "Unofficial"

What is the initiative?

The File Management Initiative

Abbreviation: FMI

"Initiatives all the way down."

What is FMI?

How are we going to do this?

What are the bad assumptions?

  • Files are local or always writeable
  • Files will never be re-used
  • File usage is always complete and accurate.
  • Image field is a special case

What have we done already?

What do we have left?

Nice to haves

  • Drag & drop and multiple file uploading
  • Entity reference / inline form
  • Modal API in core
  • Media in core?
  • Overriding entity fields when referenced in an instance

What kind of help do we need?

  • SimpleTest writers
  • Architectual decisions
  • Patch writers (familiar with File entity)
  • Patch testers
  • Documentation

How can you help?

Demo time!

File Entity 7.x-2.x